What is Arizona TASH?

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Arizona TASH is a 501(C)3 organization

We are a state chapter of TASH, which is an international grassroots leader in advancing inclusive communities through research, education, and advocacy. Founded in 1975, we are a volunteer-driven organization that advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with the most significant disabilities and support needs -- those most vulnerable to segregation, abuse, neglect, and institutionalization. The inclusive practices we promote and validate through research improve quality of life outcomes for all people.

"Inclusion is a birthright, not a privilege." (Bea Russell)

We support inclusive practices in education through AZWINS. We sponsor trainings throughout the year to support educators and families.

TASH is a vibrant community of professionals and advocates committed to positive and lasting change in the lives of people with significant disabilities. TASH’s difference is that strong social justice values — equity, opportunity and inclusion — drive our work. Our membership is comprised of family members, self-advocates, academic professionals and students, teachers and school administrators, support providers and many others. Together, we promote evidence-based practices developed through research and advanced through training, publications, and advocacy.

Since 1975, TASH members have made remarkable contributions to change policy and professional practice, and as a result, people with significant disabilities are more likely to be included as contributing citizens in all aspects of community life. As a member-based organization, we rely on the contributions of a network of passionate individuals like you. If you are looking to make a difference, join TASH today.